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Grants management is complex, demanding, and ever changing. In today’s rapidly evolving world, grants managers and grants staff face numerous challenges. Far too much time is spent on paperwork, compliance-checking, and compiling reports instead of driving better grant outcomes. Do you need help more effectively managing your grants?

GovGrants can help.

Learn How GovGrants Solves Typical Challenges

Difficulty tracking the flow of grant funds and amendments from federal awards to sub grantees and back.

The GovGrants Answer

GovGrants unites the disparate flow of grant funds and amendments through the grants entire life. Federal funding sources/ accounts are systematically tied to State awards to provide more accurate financial reporting.

Largely manual, often paper-based, business processes give rise to inefficiencies & errors.

The GovGrants Answer

GovGrants automates the majority of the existing manual process associated with grants mgmt today through workflows and approvals. A centralized database for all grants related information reduces data redundancies across systems and data entry errors.

Limited visibility into real-time grant performance and reporting.

The GovGrants Answer

GovGrants provides robust data access controls both within and across offices and agencies. The application inherently has data sanctity checks, logical business rules, and process validations to ensure the highest compliance.

Inconsistent governance, compliance, and risk management across groups.

The GovGrants Answer

GovGrants offers multiple business intelligence tools that allow users to evaluate each phase of the grants life-cycle through a powerful lens. Both canned and ad hoc reports can be easily built using a drag and drop interface

Ad hoc tracking of federal grant opportunities/ pipeline management.

The GovGrants Answer

Integration with the largest Federal grant repositories like makes identifying grant opportunities seamless. GovGrants offers a structured process for evaluating and responding to Federal grant announcements.

Lack of collaboration between sub-grantees and internal users.

The GovGrants Answer

GovGrants provides easy to use communication tools to facilitate negotiations with sub-grantees. It also offers file storage functionality to exchange documents and changes, edits, updates.

11 Grantor Modules

  • 1


    GovGrants offers highly configurable components to support customizing the software to an organization's needs.
  • 2


    Provides the capability to create public funding announcements and post to a public website, setup the required data and documentation criteria, and define the appropriate workflows.
  • 3


    Guides grant applicants through a structured data entry process to produce and submit a complete grant application.
  • 4

    Application Review

    Helps to compile all compliant applications, automatically route them through team reviews, and follow a standardized rating process for better and more transparent decision-making.
  • 5


    Timely and accurate award decision-making requires that budgets and funding allocations are closely tracked according to both terms and conditions as well as key performance measurement criteria.
  • 6

    Funds & Obligations Mgmt

    Allows for the set up of the chart of accounts and of funding sources and accounts for all grants.
  • 7

    Program/Award Mgmt

    Includes alerts, notifications, warnings, and calendaring functionality to facilitate tracking post-award.
  • 8

    Site Visits

    Addresses a common state agency pain point-managing site visits-by providing a mobile-enable, automated process and reporting solution.
  • 9


    Provides a close-out process with reports for managers and complete audit trails. The module will also display funding data to ensure financial reconciliation prior to close-out.
  • 10


    Provides many standard reports for audit purposes, including transaction history. The module educes program dependency by allowing audit teams to access information directly from the system.
  • 11

    Business Intelligence (BI)

    Aspects of Bl are embedded throughout the GovGrants solution. The Bl Module, however, provides multiple canned and scheduled reports, robust ad-hoc reporting capabilities, and easily customizable dashboards to provide users better tools from which to manage the entire grants life cycle. The Bl Module also facilitates greater leadership visibility across the life cycle and supports more compliant reporting.

7 Grantee Modules

  • 1

    Opportunity Module

    Provides the ability to identify, download, create, and track funding opportunities giving users the ability to review and approve funding opportunities with appropriate justification, resources, and attachments.
  • 2

    Application Module

    Allows users the ability to download application forms from federal systems, prepare grant application/proposals, support multiple workflow reviews, and to submit applications to
  • 3

    Award Module

    Provides control over federal grants with the allocated funding, support for multiple workflow reviews and approvals, and allows users to prepare federal grant amendments.
  • 4

    Award Mgmt Module

    Provides award management capabilities to prepare, review, approve, and submit post award submissions easily with full traceability.
  • 5

    Close-Out Module

    Supports the need to prepare, review, approve, and submit federal grant closeout reports while ensuring the reports are complete, accurate, and approved by staff members through workflow reviews.
  • 6

    Communication Module

    Allows for historic tracking of different types of communications such as negotiations, reviews, and feedback in a structured manner for post-hoc reviews.
  • 7

    Business Intelligence (BI) Module

    The Bl is embedded throughout the GovGrants solution to provide multiple canned and scheduled reports, robust adhoc reporting, and easily customizable dashboards to manage the entire grants life cycle with leadership visibility and compliant federal reporting.

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