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USAID needed a solution that could be deployed just months before its application window opened. With GovGrants, USAID was able to stand up a working grants management solution in just 3 months and saw the number of applications submitted triple.

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GovGrants Overview:
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Grants Management Breakfast Forum

The Grants Management Breakfast (GMB) Forum is held in partnership with the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. The GMB Forum brings together professionals from academia, government and industry to discuss challenges, strategies and keys to success in grants management. The Forum is intended particularly to strengthen the community of grant-makers. At each Forum, a government speaker or panel describes their grants management practices, results, and lessons-learned. Audience members engage the speaker, and each other, gathering ideas for ways to address current challenges within their agency, and forming networks to help them solve problems in the future as well. Together, we support one another and share critical lessons learned from authentic experiences.

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